MARCH 2018 – Anthology publication

‘The dipping pool’ weekly writing group, with Claire Syder, are in the process of publishing their first anthology. There are nine authors in total, and I am very pleased to say my collection of nine poems and one prose piece has been chosen to appear first in the book. First run off the press July 2018, ready for the book launch August 2018.


JANUARY 2018 – it’s been a year

since I started recording poems here, mainly about experiences with my little ones. M is now one and R four, so inevitably ‘these words’ will change too. I’m exploring writing, as the oxytocin laden words of newborn first love (luckily for me, more than once) change and grow.


DECEMBER 2017 – prints available

News! Poems which have been published and illustrated by Stephen are now available for purchase.

Printed on 100% recycled uncoated, natural white offset paper, my words and Stephen’s drawings make the perfect gift. Available framed or print only. Contact me to order.

The first one is ‘I’m here with you’ : Im here with you final

NOVEMBER 2017  – poem publication online and print

I am delighted to say that a selection of poems will be published in each forthcoming issue of  Cardiff Baby and Toddler Magazine, starting with the December issue and  ‘I’m here with you’.


OCTOBER 2017  – illustrator collaboration

The wonderful Stephen of ‘Stephen Bayley Artwork and Illustration‘ will be partnering with me, for the foreseeable future, visualising poems for publication. Very exciting times!


SEPTEMBER 2017 – new writing group

I’ve started attending the incredibly generous Claire Syder‘s weekly writing group. What a cathartic and wonderful experience! I’ll be posting some words shortly.


APRIL 2017 – poem publication online

The ‘two drops of ink’ family have kindly published my poem, on their literary blog ‘Go away morning‘.


FEBRUARY 2017 – starting this collection

I’ve started recording my poems on this blog, as a space to keep them and return to. They are recorded as ‘they come tumbling out’.


SEPTEMBER 2015 – essay publication online and print

Landmarks is the Design Commission for Wales’ autumn 2015 conference, events and exhibition which explore the relationship between the natural resources of the Welsh landscape and human intervention, with the aim of informing and inspiring a future for design in the rural landscape. This publication serves as a lasting reference to the themes and thoughts which have been uncovered through Landmarks.  My essay ‘How we made our way‘ starts on p104.


JULY 2015 – online article

As part of the ‘My kind of…’ series, published on the Design Circle (Royal Society of Architects in Wales branch) website.

‘My kind of home is within a community, built for sharing and collective enjoyment; with immediate neighbours to talk to, safe roads for play, allotments to grow produce and room enough for dinner with extended family and friends.

My kind of home is a home of conscience; economic, using little energy, treading softly, lightly and healthily. It is a home of resource; providing energy to the grid, vegetables for dinner and flowers for the table.

My kind of home provides shelter; security of familiarity, privacy for reflection, a nook for a favourite book, protection from extremes of weather and environs for nature to use.

My kind of home enables involvement; the overheard sound of a lawnmower, a friendly hello of passing dog walker, a spontaneous football match, a quiet place to watch the world go by.

My kind of home affords space for breathing; just sitting and enjoying, a distant view to drink in, an opportunity to linger a while on a bench in the street, a tree to climb and green space to explore.

And my kind of home is a home for life; adaptable and evolving overtime to meet life’s changing needs.’

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